Snowflake Uploader

Directly upload data into Snowflake datawarehouse tables.


Uploads to Snowflake require that you create a snowflake key in the Key Editor with your Snowflake Username and Password.


account_id string
An account identifier uniquely identifies a Snowflake account within your organization, as well as throughout the global network of Snowflake-supported cloud platforms and cloud regions.
database string
A database is a logical grouping of schemas
primary_source_name string
The name of initial import download. This is used to pull date information.
schema string
A schema is a logical grouping of database objects
table table
All data in Snowflake is stored in tables
Note that the connector doesn’t support special characters. If you need to add the date to the table name you should do this: table: “SNOWFLAKE_TABLE_YYYYMMDD”;
truncate boolean
Used to indicate if the current data in the table should be dropped (“true”) or appeneded to (“false”). The value is “true” by default.
warehouse string
A virtual warehouse, often referred to simply as a “warehouse”, is a cluster of compute resources in Snowflake. A warehouse is defined by its size, as well as the other properties that can be set to help control and automate warehouse activity. Warehouses are required for queries. The warehouse must be running.

Switchboard Script Syntax

upload t1 to {
                type: "snowflake";
                key: "sf_key";
                primary_source_name: "t1";
                account_id: "";
                table: "TEST_SNOWFLAKE";
                database: "SWITCHBOARD_DATABASE";
                schema: "DEV";
                warehouse: "SWITCHBOARD_WAREHOUSE";
                truncate: true; // truncate value is true by default