Switchboard Static IPs

If you receive errors from Switchboard connectors that indicate that there is an issue with Switchboard accessing a data source, this could be a result of security settings created by your IT department or the IT team of a 3rd party vendor that restrict access to that data source.

A typical error code if this is the case would be “403 Forbidden” (assuming it is not an issue with the credentials provided).

Such errors are likely to occur if the data source is a database or service hosted internal to your network (i.e. it is behind a firewall).

In order to fix these issues, your IT department may need to modify your company’s IT security policy to allow traffic from specific IP addresses that are used by Switchboard.

Alternatively, if the data source is a 3rd party vendor, you will need to contact their support organization in order to provide the necessary access.

Below is the list of of static IP addresses managed by Switchboard to access data that should be granted security access in order for the Switchboard system to access IP-protected resources.

Note that you will also need to modify your Switchboard Script syntax for your connectors to include the parameter static_ip: true; to ensure Switchboard’s requests will originate from one of these IPs.

Not all connectors support this feature. Check the documentation for the connector in question to verify it can be enabled.