Sprout Social

The Sprout Social Connector provides automated access to ad analytics via the Sprout Social API.


The Sprout Social Connector requires an API Token for its Switchboard Key


The Sprout Social connector can be scheduled to ingest data once per day at a user-defined hour and timezone.

By default, the connector will run once at 6am PT.

See Daily Scheduling for more information.


customer_id string
The unique identifier for a client
metrics string list
Available metrics vary based on the social media site. See below.
social_site string
An identifier for one of the social media sites supported by sprout social.

Supported social media sites include:

Sample Switchboard Script

download t from {
                key: "sprout_social_key";
                type: "sprout_social:posts";
                customer_id: 123456; 
                social_site: "facebook";
                metrics: ["lifetime.impressions_organic","lifetime.impressions_paid"];
            } using {*};