Google Search Ads 360

The Google Search Ads 360 Connector provides automated ingestion of ad campaign conversion reporting.


This data source requires a Google Account credential. The Google Account must have access to Search Ads 360 reporting. Google Service Account credentials are not supported.


The Google Search Ads 360 Connector can be scheduled to ingest data once per day at a user-defined hour and timezone. By default, the connector will run once at 6am PT. See Daily Scheduling for more information.


The following report types are supported:
  • account
  • ad
  • advertiser
  • adGroup
  • adGroupTarget
  • bidStrategy
  • campaign
  • campaignTarget
  • conversion
  • feedItem
  • floodlightActivity
  • keyword
  • negativeAdGroupKeyword
  • negativeAdGroupTarget
  • negativeCampaignKeyword
  • negativeCampaignTarget
  • paidAndOrganic
  • productAdvertised
  • productGroup
  • productLeadAndCrossSell
  • productTarget
  • visit

Switchboard Script Syntax

import google_search_ads_360_ad_raw from {
    type: "google_search_ads_360;
    key: "google_token_key";
    report_type: "ad";
} using {
    status: string;
    engineStatus: string;
    creationTimestamp: datetime;
    lastModifiedTimestamp: datetime;
    agency: string;
    agencyId: integer;
    advertiser: string;
    advertiserId: integer;
    account: string;
    accountId: integer;
    accountEngineId: string;
    accountType: string;
    campaign: string;
    campaignId: integer;
    campaignStatus: string;
    adGroup: string;
    adGroupId: integer;
    adGroupStatus: string;
    ad: string;
    adId: integer;
    adEngineId: integer;
    isUnattributedAd: boolean;
    adHeadline: string;
    adHeadline2: string;
    adHeadline3: string;
    adDescription1: string;
    adDescription2: string;
    adDisplayUrl: string;
    adLandingPage: string;
    adType: string;
    adPromotionLine: string;
    adLabels: string;
    adPathField1: string;
    adPathField2: string;
    effectiveLabels: string;
    dfaActions: integer;
    dfaRevenue: float;
    dfaTransactions: integer;
    dfaWeightedActions: float;
    dfaActionsCrossEnv: float;
    dfaRevenueCrossEnv: float;
    dfaTransactionsCrossEnv: float;
    dfaWeightedActionsCrossEnv: float;
    avgCpc: float;
    avgCpm: float;
    avgPos: float;
    clicks: integer;
    cost: float;
    ctr: float;
    impr: integer;
    adWordsConversions: float;
    adWordsConversionValue: float;
    adWordsViewThroughConversions: integer;
    visits: integer;
    date: date;