IntentX pageview and click reports are supported through the Switchboard Amazon S3 Connector.

Sample Switchboard Script

import intentx_pageviews_report from {
    type: "s3_ng";
    pattern: "s3://intentx_bucket/pv_report_YYYY-MM-DD.csv";
    use_whitelisted_ip: true;
    datetime_pattern: "*_YYYY-MM-DD.*";
    key: "intentx_s3_key";
    lookback_days: 7;
    period_hours: 1;
    header_row: true;
} using {
    s3_source_filename: string;
	id: string;
	created: datetime;
	mktEngine: string;
	mktCampaign: string;
	mktMedium: string;
	brand: string;
	store: string;
	category: string;
	facet: string;
	deviceType: string;
	returnVisit: string;
	entryPage: string;
	referer: string;
	clicks: integer;
	revenue: float;
	blank_field: string;