Impact Radius

The Impact Radius connector provides automated access to the media partner reports.


The Impact Radius connector requires:

Account SID
your unique API SID which acts as your username
Auth Token
your the Authentication Token which acts as your password

For information on how to access your credentials, see this Impact blog article


The Impact Radius connector can be scheduled to ingest data once per day at a user-defined hour and timezone.

By default, the connector will run once at 6am PT.

See Daily Scheduling for more information.

Media Partners


report_id string
following values are allowed:
  • mp_action_listing_fast
  • mp_action_listing_sku_fast
  • action_listing_paystub
  • mp_action_sku_listing
  • mp_action_listing_sku
  • airbnb_mp_action_listing_sku
  • mp_bonus_make_good_listing
  • mp_action_listing_cpc_action
  • mp_earnings_by_campaign
  • PaystubActions
  • mp_performance_by_ad
  • mp_performance_by_campaign
  • mp_performance_by_day
  • mp_performance_by_geo_location
  • mp_performance_by_month
  • mp_performance_by_subid
  • PerformanceByCampaigns
  • SkuLevelActions
  • topcashback
  • Withdrawals
  • withdrawal_details
  • action_listing_withdrawal
  • mp_paystub_history

Sample Switchboard Script

import impact_SkuLevelActions_raw from {
    type: "impact_radius:media_partners";
    key: "impact_radius_key";
    report_id: "SkuLevelActions";
} using { 
    Category: string;
    ActionDate: datetime;
    Sku: string;
    AdjustmentDate: datetime;
    Status: string;
    Campaign: string;
    CampaignId: integer;
    Oid: integer;
    ActionId: string;
    SaleAmount: float;
    Commission: float;
    LockingDate: datetime;
    ScheduledClearingDate: datetime;
    PubSubid4: string;
    PubSubid3: string;
    PubSubid2: string;
    PubSubid1: string;
    Quantity: integer;



reportid string
The advertisers report supports 1 report adv_action_listing_sku
subaid numeric
A program Id. Further refine the report to only retrieve data from a specific program.

Sample Switchboard Script

download t from {
            type: "impact_radius:advertisers";
            report_id: "adv_action_listing_sku";   // REQUIRED
            key: "impact_radius_key";
            subaid: "2092";                        // REQUIRED
        } using {
            raw: json;