The Snowflake connector allows you to pull data from a Snowflake database instance.


You will need to have username and password credentials for the snowflake database to create a Switchboard Key.


The Snowflake connector can be scheduled on an hourly basis.

If no timezone is sent, “US/Pacific” will take place as the default value.

You may include {start_datetime} and {end_datetime} placeholders in the query parameter of your Snowflake Switchboard Script.

download t from {
    type: "snowflake:query";
    key: "snowflake";
    query: "SELECT * 
            FROM table_name
            WHERE sample_parameter >= '{start_datetime}' AND sample_parameter < '{end_datetime}'; ";
    account: "XXXXX-XXX99999";
    database: "database_name";
    schema: "schema_name";
} using { * };

If the query does not include the placeholders, the downloader will behave as a snapshot downloader.


query string
The SQL statement that will be executed.
prequeries string list
The SQL statements that will be executed before the query.
account_id string
The account ID that will be used as account identifier.
warehouse string
The warehouse that will be used for a session.
database string
The name of the database that will be used.
schema string
The name of the schema that will be used.

Switchboard Script Syntax

download t from {
    type: "snowflake:query";
    key: "snowflake";
    query: "SELECT * FROM table_name";        // Required - String
    prequeries: ["ALTER SESSION SET TIMEZONE = 'America/Los_Angeles';"];        // Optional - List of Strings
    account_id: "XXXXX-XXX99999";        // Required - String
    warehouse: "warehouse_name";        // Optional - String
    database: "database_name";        // Required - String
    schema: "schema_name";        // Required - String
} using { * };