The MongoDB Connector allows you to pull data from a MongoDB instance.

Note that MongoDB does not enforce schema. The data retrieved may have an inconsistent schema.

You will need to ask the developers who work with the database administrator (DBA) who is maintaining the database about the schema of data stored there.

You can use SBS to unnest the rich structures.


MongoDB connection string
Supply the MongoDB connection string for the credential. Get this from the developers of the database.


The connector can be scheduled on an hourly or daily basis.

If not given a date_key, the connector pulls a snapshot of the entire collection at the time it does the download. In this case, the connector cannot support repull_days and backfill.

If given a date_key, the connector will pull a snapshot of the data where that key is between the time of the current pull and the last pull. With this option, the connector can support repull_days and backfill.

Using Switchboard Static IP

If necessary due to IT or security policy, this connector can be configured to route traffic through one of Switchboard’s static IP addresses. To do so, include the parameter static_ip: true; in the Switchboard Script import statement.


name of the MongoDB collection to pull
field in the documents used to filter the rows to be pulled

Switchboard Script Syntax

import mongo_collection from {
    type: "mongodb";
    key: "Mongo DB Connection String";
    collection: "col";

    // Uses the following key in Mongo objects to determine
    // incremental loading
    date_key: "datestamp";
} using {
   // fields available qill vary based on your database, ask the developers using the database
   "id": integer;
   "name": string;
   "datestamp": datetime;