The iconik connector allows you to pull data from an iconik database instance.


You will need to have either an admin account or an admin to give you the correct credentials on the iconik system provided for the Key used to access your iconik database.

See the section “Setup your access” in the iconik API documentation.

App ID
An Application name describing what you will be using the REST API (i.e. Switchboard Reporting)
Auth Token
The token generated when you create your application for the App ID above.


The connector can be scheduled on an hourly or daily basis.

If not given a date_key, the connector pulls a snapshot of the entire collection at the time it does the download. In this case, the connector cannot support repull_days and backfill.


collection_id string
The unique identifier for the collection (or the “view ID”) being queried from the /v1/views/{view_id}/ endpoint

Switchboard Script Syntax

download t from {
      type: "iconik:collection_metadata";
      key: "iconik_key";
      collection_id: "e94c061e-5971-11ed-bd4b-ca668323fb71";
} using { * };