Google Sheets

The Google Sheets connector provides automated access to data from Google Sheets.


Google Sheets connector requires authentication either through a Google Service Account or Google OAuth.

Google Service Account

To authenticate via a Google Service Account add a Key with the Credential Type Google Service Account

Service accounts differ from user accounts in several key ways.

Client Email
Email address associated with the Service Account
Key Name
Value set here will be used in your Switchboard Script.
Key Type
Corresponds to the format of the Service Account Key. Typically the value is json
Service Account Key
Entire text of the key pair provided when a Service Account is generated

Google OAuth

To authenticate via Oauth you must add a Key with the Credential Type Google OAuth, enter a Key Name (used in the Switchboard Script below) and perform the Oauth flow by clicking the button labeled Connect.


The Google Sheets connector can be scheduled to ingest data on an hourly basis.

See Hourly Scheduling for more information.


data_range string
A specific range of columns to synch (i.e Sheet 2, Cols A - G). For more on the syntax see the Google documentation on Naming a range of cells
spreadsheet_id string
unique identifier for the spreadsheet
spreadsheet_name string
The name of the sheet from which to select the range.

Sample Switchboard Script

import t from {
            type: "google_sheets";
            key: "google_token";
            spreadsheet_id: "19ElSsUEXXwc-blAOs509BBhk4EO3GOBmmCfaz15hGEE";
            sheet_name: "Sheet1";
            use_header: false;
            data_range: "A:G";
         } using { * };