The OpenWater Connector provides automated access to the OpenWater REST API.


The OpenWater connector requires you to create a Key in the Key Editor with the following properties:

API key
In order to authenticate to the API you must generate an API key for Open Water. To do so go to System Settings > Permissions. The API operates under the privileges of an admin user, either create a user for API access or choose an existing user. Choose the API Keys option.
Your domain is simple as it is the same as your OpenWater platform.


The OpenWater connector can be scheduled to ingest data once per day at a user-defined hour and timezone.

By default, the connector will run once at 6am PT.

See Daily Scheduling for more information.

Using Switchboard Static IP

If necessary due to IT or security policy, this connector can be configured to route traffic through one of Switchboard’s static IP addresses. To do so, include the parameter static_ip: true; in the Switchboard Script import statement.

Sample Switchboard Script

download t from {
        type: "open_water:<resource>";
        key: "open_water_key";
} using {*};

Where can be one of the following 4 strings:

  • applications
  • billing_line_items
  • users
  • sessions
  • programs
  • invoices
download t from {
        type: "open_water:applications";
        key: "open_water_key";
} using {*};
download t from {
        type: "open_water:billing_line_items";
        key: "open_water_key";
} using {*};
download t from {
            type: "open_water:programs";
            key: "open_water";
            show_archived: true;
        } using { * };


show_archived boolean
For the programs resource — allows both non-archived and archived programs to retrieved. By default this value is false.