Domo Dataset

The Switchboard Domo Dataset connector allows for automated acces of data from the Domo DataSet API


To configure access to the Domo Dataset connector, you’ll need to set the following values in the Key Editor when you configure a CredentialType of domo_key.

The values for these properties are obtained when you create a new client

Client ID
authenticates and authorizes your application with Domo
Client Secret
authenticates and authorizes your application with Domo


The Domo Dataset connector is an “immediate” connector and uses Periodic Scheduling

Using Switchboard Static IP

If necessary due to IT or security policy, this connector can be configured to route traffic through one of Switchboard’s static IP addresses. To do so, include the parameter static_ip: true; in the Switchboard Script import statement.

Script Properties

dataset_id string
The unique id of the data table being synced. This value can be found in the DOMO UI
use_whitelisted_ip boolean
Set this parameter to true for long running downloads.

Sample Switchboard Script

download domo_dataset from {
    type: "domo:export_dataset";
    key: "domo_key";
    dataset_id: "12345-ABCDEFG-67890";
    use_whitelisted_ip: true
} using {