The Seedtag connector provides automated access to the Seeedtag API.


The Seedtag connector requires an API Key. Ask your account manager for an API token.

Create a Seedtag Key type in the Key Editor.


The Seedtag connector can be scheduled to ingest data once per day at a user-defined hour and timezone.

By default, the connector will run once at 6am PT.

See Daily Scheduling for more information.


dimensions list of strings
month, day, hour, productFamily, publisherId, adunitType, currency
Note that the possible values available for this parameter may vary based on your account. The possible values may be programmatically retrieved through the Seedtag API via the /report/availableDimensions endpoint. If you need assistance submit a request to our Customer Success team.

Sample Switchboard Script

download seedtag_publishers from {
    type: "seedtag:publishers";
    key: "seedtag_key";
    // Allows daily schedule with repull days

download seedtag_report from {
    type: "seedtag:report";
    key: "seedtag_key";
    dimensions: ["day","hour","productFamily","publisherId","adunitType","currency"]; //required
    // Allows daily schedule with repull days